Manufacturing Stevia

Manufacturing Stevia

Production prowess: Greater supply with less impact

In 2017 PureCircle completed a $42 million expansion of its stevia plant in Malaysia making our company the largest stevia ingredients manufacturer in the world.  

In addition to doubling production capacity which allowed PureCircle to supply the stevia needs of the largest global brands, it enabled our company to implement modernizations and important process improvements that delivered greater efficiencies, lessened ingredient processing and reduced environmental impact.  

Our large-scale recycling and treatment plant reuses a high percentage of water. By converting plant waste into organic fertilizer, we also help reduce the carbon footprint.

Malaysian Plant

The scale to succeed: More than production, it’s our portfolio.

We partner with brands large and small, but we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. 

Our stevia portfolio is unmatched in scope, sophistication and standout flavor performance. With numerous options across.

All derived from the stevia plant, we offer a broad range of stevia sweetener and flavor modifying options for almost every category, application and price point. If our individual ingredients and optimized solutions don’t fulfill your needs we offer the ability to custom blend our offerings to create something unique and own-able, just for you. 

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Bowls containing different sorts of breakfast cereal products.

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