Supply Chain

Consumers are looking for more than claims and nutritional facts. They are deeply interested in the ethos, origins, societal and sustainability impact of the products they consume and the ingredients that drive them.

  This is why our vertically-integrated supply chain is so important. 

Our supply chain gives us greater control over production, traceability, integrity and transparency of our ingredients. This assures our customers of the quality and sourcing of every ingredient we make. 

Ingredient Integrity

The best stevia ingredients start with the best leaf. 

At PureCircle, our farmer partners exclusively plant high-quality, proprietary Starleaf varietals that have been carefully cultivated for their flavor and harvested using ethical, sustainable farming practices. 

Once it leaves these farms, our stevia undergoes water-based extraction and purification in our modern GMP facilities, careful manufacturing methods that actively minimize processing, 


From farming communities to finished ingredients, we ensure total traceability of all the stevia we harvest. 

We cultivate close, long-standing ties with our global network of farmers and growing partners instead of using transactional, commodity leaf sourcing. And because we own the extraction and production facilities used to create our finished ingredients, we can offer complete transparency into the entire process.


Our global farming network, including farming partners across China, South America and Africa, gives us a more diverse and reliable supply chain than our competitors, offering greater flexibility and reduced risk. 

We govern where we grow and aren’t dependent on any one region for our stevia leaf supply.  This allows us to selectively farm in locations that reflect our ethical and sustainability commitments. 

In addition, we have implemented a robust program of independent farm and production facility audits that ensure our adherence to internationally recognized standards of quality, sustainability and ethical labor practices, like SEDEX, SAI and SMETA.

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