PureCircle in the News

Sweet Options

1-Mar-2011, Food Product DesignEach steviol glycoside has a different relative sweetness compared to sugar.  Reb A (rebaudioside A), one of the most-abundant glycosides, is up to 400 times sweeter than sugar. 

Sweetness and Light

1-Mar-2011, Ingredients NetworkWe expect stevia to be part of both quiet and active reformulation communication in the future. Manufacturers will choose different approaches to communicate product reformulation based on their own marketing campaigns and initiatives. 

Satisfaction That Lasts

1-Mar-2011, Baking Business:  Recent research, quoted by Jean-Michel Cohen, PhD, MD, advisory board member, Global Stevia Institute, found that stevia may be similar to table sugar in creating satiety. Cohen noted that participants in the study reported similar levels of hunger and satiety regardless of the sweetener used and did not compensate by eating more. 

Options Abound

1-Jan-2011, Candy Industry: The big news for sweeteners in confectionery is the growing consumer interest in reduced-sugar. Consumers don’t want to give up the foods they love but now they want those foods to be lower in sugar and all-natural. 

Podcast: Jaime Scholl discusses the Global Stevia Institute

10-Dec-2010, FoodBev.com:  Podcast interview with PureCircle’s Marketing Manager, Jaime Scholl, about the Global Stevia Institute, an educational resource designed for global food and beverage manufacturers, health professionals, policy makers and consumers to provide fact-based, science-based information on stevia. 

Market Potential of Stevia

24-Nov-2010, Food Ingredients First:  PureCircle's Marketing Manager, Jaime Scholl, is interviewed at Europe’s Healthy Ingredients trade show (HIE) and discusses the market potential of stevia.

Stevia gains foothold in French sweetener market

23-Nov-2010, Foodnavigator-usa.com:  Video interview with PureCircle’s Corporate Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jordi Ferre, where he discusses stevia performance thus far in the French market – which has already achieved a 20% share in the market, an even higher percentage than in the US.

Healthier Kids Beverages

1-Oct-2010, Food Product Design:   Market research shows that parents are dissatisfied with the sweeteners used in beverages. Above all else, parents not only want a natural sweetening alternative, they want a smaller amount of it. To appeal to their sweet tooth, a variety of sweeteners, particularly the newer label-friendly “natural" sweeteners such as erythritol and stevia, or rebaudioside A (reb-A), could be incorporated to counter the sweetness lost due to decreased, or complete removal of, sugar.

Building Healthier Desserts

1-Jul-2010, Food Processing  PureCircle’s joint venture with Imperial Sugar Company, Natural Sweet Ventures, will produce Steviacane, a portfolio of sugar-stevia blends for the bakery and dessert markets.