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Inspire your next creation with great tasting stevia leaf ingredients Everything we do stems from the stevia plant. PureCircle® by Ingredion carefully cultivates its proprietary stevia varietals to provide food and beverage companies with most comprehensive portfolio of stevia ingredients including sweeteners and flavor modifiers. Discover what PureCircle stevia can do for you.

About PureCircle by Ingredion

From seedlings to solutions, PureCircle is the pioneer of all things stevia.PureCircle is the leading producer and innovator of great-tasting stevia ingredients for the global food and beverage industry. We have dedicated our business to a small plant with a big impact. We want offer our customers a powerful ingredient story from our Starleaf® agronomy program all the way to our non-GMO ingredients carefully selected to compliment food and beverage products consumers love.

PureCircle stevia ingredients

Our portfolio of plant-based stevia flavor modifiers, sweeteners and integrated solutions delivers deep sugar reduction across product categories. All of our ingredients start with our proprietary stevia varietals, which are sustainably-grown, minimally processed and traceable.

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Category solutions

From applications like beverages to baked goods to confections and more, we offer category specific ingredients that help optimize taste and reduce development time.


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Breakthrough ingredients

Derived from our proprietary stevia varietals,the next generation of stevia sweetners have the clean, sugar like taste to make zero added sugar products consumer will crave.


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Foundation ingredients

We recognize your product has unique sweetness and taste needs. This is why we understand and utilize all of the sweet molecules found.


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Flavor modifiers

Enhance sweetness, intensify flavor, mask bitterness and more with high-quality, plant-derived  stevia flavor modifiers.


Sweet in so many ways

Stevia is naturally derived and characteristically sweet. But stevia is also so. much. more

PureCircle Stevia Institute

PureCircle Stevia Institute provides the latest in balanced, science-based information and advanced cutting-edge research on stevia's health and nutrition, agriculture, ingredient functionality and taste benefits.


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