What Makes PureCircle Different


  • Our proprietary stevia varietals are optimized for the best taste and function and have higher yields

  • We use the whole leaf, and we were the first to uncover five major uses of stevia beyond sweetening, including natural flavoring, antioxidants, proteins, fibers, and natural color protectants.

  • Unlike other stevia suppliers, we have ownership of and visibility over every single step of the process. We naturally produce our own seedlings and use the science of agronomy to identify best practices and conditions for farming and growing stevia.

  • We are also expanding our leaf growing regions around the world, and planting a diverse supply of stevia to service all food and beverage needs.


  • Our stevia solutions are entirely unique, thanks to our expansive IP library related to stevia agronomy, production process, and ingredients.

  • We provide you with a complete stevia toolbox to enhance taste, reduce sugar, decrease sodium, add functionality, and enrich nutrition in your products.

  • Through the PureCircle Stevia Institute we pioneer the science of stevia to illuminate how stevia works, it’s safety and health benefits

  • The PureCircle Stevia Agronomy Program is a key part of our company – through it, we have the innovation and advancements in planting, cultivation and harvesting of stevia, and we have the technologies to make farming stevia more effective.


  • At PureCircle, we see our customers as an extension of ourselves – your challenges are our challenges, and your success is our success.

  • Our transparent co-innovation partnerships with customers means we create optimized category-specific and customer-bespoke solutions.

  • We partner with local farming communities around the world, fostering sustainable development and providing sustainable income for farmers and their families.

  • Our marketing assets are an extension of yours – we give you the tools to help you tell a stevia story. Our powerful provenance empowers brand storytelling and provides assets that connect consumers with ingredients and social impact.

Connect with PureCircle

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