Starleaf™ Program

The Starleaf stevia agronomy program

The pioneering Starleaf agronomy program carefully cultivates the best-tasting, sustainably grown stevia leaf ingredients.

Built on the four pillars of PLANT, PROCESS, PEOPLE and PLANET, its advances have produced proprietary stevia varieties no one else offers. PureCircle™ stevia maximizes taste and efficiency while minimizing impacts, like land and water usage and sugar consumption.  

Through this program, we empower farmers all over the world, building economic opportunities while reducing supply chain risk


PLANT - Pioneering stevia breakthroughs from seed to solution

Advancing the science of naturally developing new stevia leaf varieties with more of the best tasting sweeteners and flavors.

  • Characterizing how all the parts of the stevia plant contribute to taste and performance attributes

  • Using traditional, crossbreeding methods to create the healthiest and best tasting stevia leaf

  • On-the-ground research to learn how best to grow
    different stevia
    varieties in changing growing conditions around the world.

PROCESS - Sustainable expansion for commercial viability

Growing and scaling the best stevia varieties with minimal impact to support food and beverage needs

  • Robust investment in research that uncovers the best stevia production practices

  • Optimized production practices that reduce stevia leaf processing during purification.

PEOPLE - Enhancing livelihoods and localities

Driving/Delivering greater economic opportunity for farmers and their communities

  • Standards, support and skills for stevia farming success.

  • Direct contract commitments to provide greater financial transparency and security.

  • Community development initiatives that promote leadership and business skills for adults and children.

PLANET - Protecting our promise and practices

Ensuring quality, safety, fairness and sustainability across our operations

  • Strict quality and fair labor policies across farming and production.

  • Robust assurance practices and audits to ensure compliance.

  • Adherence to established international standards including SEDEX and SAI.

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Starleaf® Stevia Varietals


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