Weight Management

Weight Management

Stevia helps people reduce calorie consumption and better manage weight.

For years, consumers debated whether replacing sugar with stevia, a zero-calorie sweetener, would actually reduce calorie consumption and help them to lose weight. The assumption was people who spared calories by using stevia might then replace their calories with higher consumption at other points in the day.

But now, we have multiple studies, including meta-analysis of 9 long-term studies, which show stevia can reliably help reduce total calorie intake, without leading to future overconsumption.

Two key studies have shown stevia is a powerful tool for weight management and reducing calorie consumption. The first concluded people who consumed reduced sugar and calorie foods with stevia were able to reduce their overall caloric intake. The second found the same result, and in addition it showed consuming foods with stevia did not lead to over-consumption of calories.

In addition, a meta-analysis of 9 long-term intervention studies (8 adult, 1 children) showed a statistically significant reduction in body weight, in both adults and children, when stevia was consumed, as compared with water and sugar-sweetened beverages

Meta-analysis of 9 long-term intervention studies (8 adult, 1 children) showed a statistically significant reduction in body weight compared with water as well as compared with sugar-sweetened beverages

Today, we can confidently say, based on clinical evidence, that stevia is a reliable, safe ingredient for adults and children who want to reduce their caloric intake and effectively manage their weight.

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