Starleaf™ Stevia Varietals

Starleaf™ stevia varietals

PureCircle’s pioneering Starleaf agronomy program producing plants which outperform other commercial stevia varieties.

Since 2002 when PureCircle began studying and cultivating conventional stevia, we have been leading thought and practice in the science of naturally developing new stevia leaf varieties with more of the best tasting ingredients.

We began by developing stevia plants designed to increase the yield of Reb A over 10x conventional stevia varieties. This enabled the sustainable scaling of stevia sweetener, making stevia ingredients accessible for brands large and small

More efficient

More Reb A extract per pound of leaf vs conventional stevia.

More sustainable

Less land and water use needed to produce the same volume of Reb A ingredients vs conventional leaf.

More cost effective

Optimized scale manufacturing creates economies of scale that benefit our customers.

In 2017 we debuted the first commercial Starleaf® stevia variety with
more than 20x most sugar-like sweeteners (Reb M, Reb D, others)
compared to other commercial stevia plants.

Superior sweetness

Rich in extracts with more sugar-like taste. Fuller sweetness without linger and after taste.

Functionally flavored

Easier to work with, shorter development times.

Conscious choice

Less processed vs. other plant-based sweeteners.

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Starleaf Program


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