Foundation Ingredients


Foundation Ingredients

Our foundation stevia ingredients are the core of many of the world’s most popular consumer products. They are a great way to reliably and cost-effectively reduce or eliminate sugar in a plant-based, sustainable way.


PureCircle Core 95 

Sure to become your favorite fundamental, our proprietary PureCircle Core 95 stevia sweetener offers more but costs less.  With superior solubility and a sweetness profile similar to PureCircle SG95, PureCircle Core 95 is a highly versatile ingredient for a broad range of applications

  • Exclusively offered by PureCircle

  • Optimized for low to moderate reductions

  • Better solubility compared to SG 95

  • Price advantage over standard SG 95 and Reb A 97

Key applications: General beverages, Bakery, Dairy, Flavored Carbonates, Juice, Coffee, Tea

PureCircle SG95

A versatile staple, with a sweetness intensity 220 times sweeter than sugar. PureCircle SG95 has surprising range working well across complex flavors like coffee or chocolate, as well as savory applications like sauces.

  • Ideal for moderate reductions

  • Offers a rounded sweetness

  • Works well in savory and complex flavor profiles

  • More soluble than Reb A

Key applications: Dairy, Flavored Carbonates, Juice, Coffee, Tea

PureCircle Reb A (97 and 99)

For applications that need moderate to high levels of sugar reduction, PureCircle Reb A delivers greater sweetness intensity with characteristic upfront sweetness.

  • 290 times sweeter than sugar

  • More concentrated upfront sweetness

  • Ideally suited for medium to deep reductions

Key applications: Flavored Carbonates, Juice, Dairy, Water, Baked Goods, Confections

Other Stevia Ingredients

Breakthrough Ingredients

Derived from our proprietary stevia varietals, the next-generation of stevia sweeteners have the clean, sugar-like taste to make zero added sugar products consumers will crave.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to make food and beverage products healthier and more delicious while making their creation more responsible and sustainable. 


Category Solution

From applications like beverages to baked goods to confections and more, we offer category-specific ingredients that help optimize taste and reduce development time.


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