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In a time where demand for sweetened products is growing, stevia provides a solution that supports healthier outcomes. But the stevia from PureCircle by Ingredion takes sustainability to new heights. Discover why PureCircle stevia doesn’t just make food taste better. It is better – for people and the planet. 


Why PureCircle?

Consumers are seeking out more information about the food and beverage products they consume, and food and beverage manufacturers are looking to tell simple, sustainable ingredient stories. Ingredients from the stevia plant supports healthier lifestyles through sugar reduction, and offer several sustainability advantages compared to other sweeteners. Discover how stevia from PureCircle™ by Ingredion takes the promise of a “Sustainably Sweeter World” even further.

Sustainable standards

Consumers want ingredients which are better for people and ethically sourced. Our robust program of farm and production facility third-party audits (SEDEX, SAI and SMETA), demonstrates our adherence to internationally recognized standards of quality, sustainability and ethical labor practices, like SEDEX, SAI and SMETA.

Sustainable innovation

Getting to the best stevia ingredients efficiently requires thoughtful innovation. We offer all major stevia production technologies, which allows us to produce the rarest, most sought-after stevia ingredients like Reb M in a more sustainable and efficient way. This also means we can use as much of the raw leaf as possible, helping us minimize waste material. 

Sustainable supply chain

Consumers are increasingly invested in the origin story of the ingredients they consume. We are the only stevia company with a vertically integrated supply chain. We have direct contracts with all of our farmers. This enables us to be transparent about who is growing our leaves, the conditions under which they are working, the type of stevia plants they are growing and the methods they use.

Better livelihoods, better planet

Ethical working practices, environmentally responsible practices and ultimately making food healthier are all components of our commitment to bettering livelihoods and the planet. Through our robust program of independent farm and production facility audits, we ensure compliance with internationally recognized standards of quality, sustainability and ethical labor practices. These include SEDEX, SAI and SMETA, as well as self-audits. In comparison to other natural sweetening ingredients like sugar, PureCircle stevia offers numerous environmental advantages, and provides consumers a way to safely reduce caloric intake with non-GMO ingredients.

Innovating to minimize waste

Innovations through stevia cultivation, manufacturing technologies and ingredient innovation allow us to make each leaf work harder and use more of each stevia plant. PureCircle is the only stevia ingredient supplier to offer all major stevia production technologies (extraction, bioconversion and fermentation). This allows us to produce the rare and most sought-after stevia ingredients, such as Reb M, in a more sustainable and efficient way compared to all other ingredient companies. Our Starleaf™ Agronomy Program uses natural cross-breeding practices to cultivate stevia varietals with optimized yields of the stevia molecules used to produce finished ingredients for food and beverage companies. This has allowed us to maximize the output of each stevia plant, making us the leader in using more of the leaf to produce sweeteners, flavorings with modifying properties (FMPs) and functional ingredients. 


Transparency with vertical integration

Our vertically integrated supply chain assures our customers their stevia ingredients are traceable back to the farming communities they were grown in. We cultivate close, long-standing ties with our global network of farmers and growing partners. Ours is a truly sustainable partnership program. Other stevia product suppliers use the traditional approach and source raw stevia as a commodity. Our global farming network, including farming partners across China, South America and Africa, gives us a more diverse and reliable supply chain than our competitors, offering greater flexibility and reduced risk.

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