Sigma Tea

From a glass kettle pour tea into a glass cup on a light background

PureCircle Sigma Tea

Whether you want to create a moment of calm or a midday boost, the world turns to tea when they want something healthy and satisfying. PureCircle Sigma Tea is designed for deep sugar reductions with sugar-like taste, and offers sweetness profiles that complement the natural flavors of tea. It’s also great at achieving a clean sweetness at high intensity levels, or reducing astringency and bitterness.

The perfect plant-based pair.  Why not let stevia-leaf sweetener power your tea leaf product? Remove artificials with aftertaste using PureCircle Sigma Tea. Our sensory research shows improved performance with more affinity!

Other Sigma Solutions

Sigma Bakery

Give crispy cereals a sugar-free, sweet coating or boost buttery flavors in your baked goods using PureCircle Sigma Bakery solutions.


Sigma Beverage

Infuse drinks, syrup concentrates and more with bold flavors and clean sweetness using PureCircle Sigma Beverage.


Sigma Table Top

Eliminating sugar no longer means eliminating pure taste in coffee and tea.


Sigma Dairy

Sip on rich, robust chocolate milk, or snack on tangy, fruity yogurts.


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