About stevia

About stevia

One plant, endless potential

Some plants are just sweet, while others are just savory, smoky, dark, rich, or any number of tastes. But stevia is different. This remarkable plant can provide all those flavors, and more!

Stevia is a healthy, plant-based, zero-calorie flavor modifier and sweetener sustainably grown and endlessly versatile. As a sweetener, stevia is 250-400 times sweeter than sugar. 

Stevia features compounds which enhance food and beverages by adding different types of sweetness, reducing bitterness, enhancing savory notes, and even improving texture. We’re constantly discovering new ways to use stevia to make foods and beverages tastier, healthier, and more sustainable.


Stevia is

  • A natural sweetener and flavor enhancer

  • Plant-based

  • Zero calorie

  • Healthy

  • Sustainably grown

What's inside

So much more than just sweetener, the powerful stevia plant is full of valuable nutrients.

What is Starleaf™ stevia?

The best stevia starts with the best leaf.  Starleaf™ are our proprietary stevia varietals. Grown only by PureCircle’s farmer partners, they’ve been naturally cross-bred by bees to offer much more of the best tasting ingredients, which make stevia great. We get more goodness and less waste with each Starleaf plant. 

More about PureCircle Stevia Institute

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About PureCircle Stevia Institute

PureCircle Stevia Institute provides the latest in balanced, science-based information and advanced cutting-edge research on stevia's health and nutrition, agriculture, ingredient functionality and taste benefits.

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Regulatory guidance

More than two decades of research supports the safe use of increasing amounts of stevia.

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Stevia and research

Stevia can be a healthy and appropriate option for those with diabetes, one that means they don’t have to give up their favorite foods or beverages. 

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