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By working with us, we can help you access the tools and insights needed to expedite the path toward perfecting your sweetness and flavor profiles. This means faster, more efficient go-to-market solutions.

With the food systems experts from Ingredion, you gain a partner who is in tune to your needs, wants and challenges, and is well equipped and eager to take you from whiteboard to launch faster. With direct access to our technical experts and Ingredion SOLUTION GURUS™ on call and ready to assist, we're with you at every step to make your product formulation or reformulation effort easier, with fewer surprises and greater success.

Experimental design

We understand every product has unique formulation characteristics – manufacturing constraints, taste profiles, price considerations and other variables. PureCircle has the most robust stevia toolkit, both in terms of stevia technologies and molecules, to create solutions designed for better performance and deeper sugar reductions. 

Sensory research

Whether it’s a quick screening to provide guidance, research to validate your own data, or feedback to help you get over formulation hurdles that may slow down your go-to-market efficiency, we offer the findings and information to keep your project moving along smoothly. 

Ingredient selection assistance

Along with collaborating to customize just the right solution, we also have a robust portfolio of proprietary ingredients to help you fine-tune your formula. Let us work with you to identify which stevia ingredients work best.

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Centers of excellence

Different applications present different challenges. We have established global Centers of Excellence to provide technical support in specific areas of expertise.

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