Breakthrough Ingredients

Breakthrough Ingredients

Our breakthrough ingredients represent a new era of great taste and sugarreduction. No more compromising taste for nutrition and healthier options. With unmatched sugar-like sweetness from a plant-based, non-GMO source,they offer new, natural ways for food and beverage manufacturers to delivertruly crave-able products that delight consumers.

All of our stevia extracted ingredients are derived from our proprietary Starleaf™ stevia varieties.Thus they are grown more efficiently and sustainably, providing powerful andtraceable provenance to the products they propel.

Bowls containing different sorts of breakfast cereal products.

PureCircle Reb M

PureCircle Reb M stevia sweeteners are revolutionary in performance, and enable zero added sugar formulations with zero compromise. PureCircle is the only stevia producer to offer Reb M from the three major production technologies: extract, bioconversion and fermentation. 

The Starleaf™ Agronomy Program allows us to extract more Reb M directly from our proprietary stevia varietals than conventional stevia plants. 

PureCircle's leaf-led bioconversion method mimics the plants natural process, delivering superior cost efficiency with minimal processing.  Converting Reb A leaf extract into Reb M, resulting in a non-GMO verified ingredient.

Fermented Sugarcane Reb M is made through a patented fermenting process, starting with sugarcane and converting it into a zero calorie sweetener. The result is an ingredient with dependable supply and scale and no bitter aftertaste. Brands of all sizes and price points can access our best tasting solutions.

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PureCircle Delta

For deep sugar reduction in beverages, PureCircle Delta offers less bitterness than basic stevia ingredients and works well in blends for optimizing specific flavor profiles.

  • Optimized for deep sugar reduction

  • Very clean sweetness profile

  • Higher sweetness maximum than Reb A97

  • Upfront onset

  • High sweetness potential

 Key applications:Beverages, Dairy

Other Stevia Ingredients

Bowls containing different sorts of breakfast cereal products.

Foundation Ingredients

Our foundation stevia ingredients are the core of many of the world’s most popular consumer products.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to make food and beverage products healthier and more delicious while making their creation more responsible and sustainable. 


Category Solution

From applications like beverages to baked goods to confections and more, we offer category-specific ingredients that help optimize taste and reduce development time.


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